Flexible hours, why not?

Read the artcike here: http://www.linkedin.com/news?actionBar=&articleID=5572405535275229254&ids=dP4PdzoVc3sScP8NcjwPczsRdiMOd3kTdj4PczsVcPcUe38OdPkRb3gRczAOczkTczkPdjkMd38TdjkIczgNcz4PejkOdP0ScjsUc3sRdiMMejwMd3sOcPgRdP4SejwMdPkR&aag=true&freq=weekly&trk=eml-tod2-b-ttl-2&ut=1f83MKlydJW541


About ualentina

Shuffles bits back and forth, interested in fashion design and creativity

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