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If you have no purpose, you’ll likely to fail

Read here why.


About cv again


Telling me you performed a task does not convey that you have mastered the skills.  Telling me how you did it, who you worked with and the value that you added builds credibility. It demonstrates you know the purpose and how it adds value to your customers, company and team members.

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For a life of full fulfillment…

A career that fits perfectly demands that you be who you are fully and do what you do naturally.


from Nicholas Lore ‘s Pathfinder

How to find your way

Really interesting article about finding your career or change it successfully,

Never say no for no’s sake

Here the article, “10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss”.

Do you write software?

So you have to read here pls! And then tell me what you think about it, if you agree or whatever, I’ve found myself in this position a lot of times!

done is better …

done is better than perfect

by Sheril Sandberg. I agree with her 100%!

Is fear always a negative feeling?

According to this blog post, fear is sometimes a bless.

Work smarter, not harder

That’s mean that you have stil to work “hard”, but think about the process, when you have time: maybe there’s a quicker way to get things done or there’s a new tecnology out there that can solve your problem in less time