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How to beat procrastination

Useful article on how to beat procrastination and be more productive at work.


Curiosity boosts motivation

Read here why.

Find your flow

Useful tips about time management

Quote of the day

“The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we could become.”

by Ben Herbster

Don’t quit your job so easily

For instance, are you tired or isn’t it fun ?

When your job sucks, fall back on a hobby. Read a book. Play with your kids. Go coach t-ball or volunteer at an animal rescue.

Please don’t walk away from what you are good at doing.


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Tips to improve time management

Interesting tips on time management.

Don’t waste your time

Especially if you are in your Twenties

About motivation

Do it in order to help people!

Invest in yourself

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