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Why do we really work?

It is not only about the money! Article here


Do you feel stressed? Check these signs out!

Read the article here

You have to share your knowledge

If you want to be successful, read more about it here

Don’t commit these errors

Don’t be afraid to commit these 3 errors in your career.

“Perfect doesn’t exist. It never will. And while you’re sitting around waiting for it, someone else is making progress. Don’t worry too much about figuring out exactly what you want to do with your life right now. It will change. Often! Instead, take a step in the right direction.”

Again on the relation passion and work you love

Steve Jobs’s commencement speech  is an example not to follow, according to this article, do instead what he did!

How to “sell yourself”

It is not nice to say but you have literally to “sell yourself” if you want to succeed in life. Read here why and how to get it!

Free-lancers, be aware of this

Interesting article: free-lancers, you have to keep establishing connections if you work at home!

What workers want

Quote from the original article

Learning new skills is what people want and expect from work these days, and employers who would like to hire and retain the best talent would be wise to create an environment in which learning is fostered.

I agree 100%

New Iphone5, nice but…

…read here how Chinese workers are treated at Foxconn! You can’t say you didn’t know it!