Archive | December 2012

Smart or clever?

Which is best? Read here to discover it!


A useful method to achieve goals for the right-brainers

How to achieve your goals: it’s all about the method.

An idea is not enough

You need other people to bring to reality what ‘s dancing in your mind! Read more here.

How to trick our mind about happiness

What we remember is not exactly what really happened. Read more here.

Inspiring words by Carol Bartz

Useful tips on life and career in general

It’s all about relationship, also at work

In particular with your boss, read here more.

Trust your instincts

Some reasons why you should trust your guts.

Too much information blocks you

I thought to be the only one suffering from “Information Overload Disorder with Passion Avoidance tendencies” as I discovered¬† reading this article.

About design patterns

This article is about design patterns in a Obiective-C flavour but the general concepts are still valid, whatever programming language you use.