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New Iphone5, nice but…

…read here how Chinese workers are treated at Foxconn! You can’t say you didn’t know it!


Don’t waste your time

Especially if you are in your Twenties

Adopt a zen-like philosophy

Discover here why it’s better for you to accept things the way they are.

Live your life, be free!

This picture stands exactly for the particular moment I’m currently passing thought: I feel open to life, hope, love, chances, dreams to realize. I feel like the seagull, looking at the sea of infinity where everything is possible, if you believe in yourself!

Don’t fear the failure

It’s a blessing for you to discover how to improve!

Never give up!

Whether or not you can never become great at smthing, you can always become better at it

by Neil deGrasse Tyson


Alternatively, look here.

Believe in your desires

…and you are already part-way towards realising them!

By bacio Perugina